Why an upside down Flag shirt?

I had been wanting to start a shirt business, but could not think of an idea that might actually be successful. I also wanted to show that despite the demonization of capitalism and overbearing government regulations that I could create something from nothing but an idea and actually create what helps people the most, a job. I had seen multiple stories of veterans flying the flag upside down to show that our country is in distress. I figured that the dissatisfaction of the people would only grow with 3 more years to go under this administration.   Being that I am a conservative libertarian, my disgust in what I see on a daily basis in this country, it seemed like a good fit.  Our country is under attack from an enemy within, Progressivism.  The elites that run our country think that they know what is better for us that we do, and use up to 60% of our income in some states to make their progressive utopia dream a reality.  I started with this one site, and have built multiple others to make this idea happen.  Although is has been slow going just like any business, I am determined to succeed.  Please help support my cause by purchasing products on www.Upsidedownflags.com.