Open Arms Pantry

dove2Open Arms Pantry was born from the Several individuals discussing the increasing the needs of the community in a bad economy. Instead of just talking, they dared to do something about it. On September 7, 2012-Open Arms Pantry was born.

Over the last year, Open Arms Pantry began distributing goods and services to those in need in their local community. One year later, their wings have spread to various counties throughout Georgia. The concept of paying it forward is now being adopted in several other states as well as internationally.

Founder and Executive Director, Rosalyn Griffith with Elena Kirk, VP of Operations and the Open Pantry Administrators; Jessica and Thomas Huffman, Cindy and Donald Bentley, Shawnee Petty, Denise McGill, and Brenda Sneed run a tight ship. Due to their timeless persistence and dedication, Open Arms Pantry has now become one of the fastest growing community service based organizations in the Monroe area. What started off as a small idea has grown into serving between 100-150 families per week.

If you or someone you know are in need- Contact this dynamic team 

Paying it Forward with Caring and Sharing!

Help support the pantry buy purchasing merchandise to help.  We donate 100% of the proceeds to the pantry.  SHOP NOW


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